Selecting an ERP solution and undertaking the complex process changes that go with it is an ordeal fraught with many perils. More often than not, the implementation is driven by technology. Technology effort becomes the sole focus of the entire ERP initiative in most companies. Before the implementation effort begins, not enough focus is given to assigning roles and responsibility from the business user community. Coordinated effort is never undertaken so that interfaces between business functions are defined and implemented with clarity and buy-in by the various business functions in the company. With every roadblock, the rift between management objectives and the actual product from the implementation grows to an extent, both just cannot be bridged.

At Slake Software Soltuions , we understand business and business goals. We take a top down approach to implementing ERP applications. Our process is driven by business needs and user requirements.

We focus on the business processes being used in your company, understand where the implication of the process are and see the merits and demerits, if any of the same.Technology cannot succeed when it mimics a failed process and knowing this, we ensure that we understand and make sure the business process which is used to model the software solution is sound and foolproof.

Involvement of users within functions and across operational areas is of paramount importance in implementing a system which spans across various departments in your organization. Knowing this, we create a cross-function approach where we work with the clients in developing cross-function teams with business intelligence in their respective functions and who will work with the technology folks in crossing the information boundary existing between various business functions. Having a clear defined strategy for the implementation goes a long way in ensuring project success.

Due to the very nature of the ERP solution being the backbone of the company, selecting a solution which can deal with the pace of your business and can be tuned to adapt to the change process in the company is imperative to a successful implementation which can last. We at Slake Software Soltuions , don’t focus just on your current needs, but a technology choice which can produce lasting values and which gives the operations people the flexibility they need and the executives the information they require to make the correct business choices.


Customers are the lifeline of any organization. It is only prudent that Customers are treated by client organizations as the most valuable assets and due attention provided in ensuring that products and service provided to them is of utmost quality. Managing Customer relationships is not only the ability of an organization to provide the contracted products and services but also the visibility to understand the requirements of the customer to ensure that the customer is made aware of other products or value added services offering that would benefit in meeting their objectives and business goals.

Most implementations of CRM solution stop at providing the client with the ability to use the CRM solution in managing customer relationships. However, strategies required to ensure that cross-sell and up-sell potential, problems with the existing vendors of products and services in a customer organization are constantly overlooked. Added to this volatile mix is the competition in the global market scenario where we are today and the need to be able to react rapidly to changing market conditions.

At Slake Software Soltuions , our expertise in various industry verticals and technology areas allows us to marry them to produce a satisfactory solution to the customer’s requirements. Our ability to understand the current customer needs, comprehend future vision and assess current market realities helps us in designing CRM solutions that produce lasting value for the client. Our focus in CRM solution space is to provide the client with the tools required to understand their customers, have a clear focus on the Customer needs and ability to strategize with the information available so that the client can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Services

Providing technology solutions in cutting edge platforms and products has been one of Slake Software Soltuions ís core strengths. At Slake Software Soltuions we pride in our understanding of the various Microsoft tools and technologies and our ability to utilize them in developing solutions for our clients which have lasting value and have a high ROI on their investment. We have implemented a number of solutions using Microsoft technologies which leverage the latest advancements in .Net, utilizing the ready made and out of the box functionality as and where provided.

Our Microsoft practice is made up of professionals who are involved in the technology area for many years and who have a through understanding of the various tools available for development as well as the ready made processes in place using which solution development can be rapidly developed and deployed. Our architecture and design expertise will help you understand the solution even before it is built,visualize the proposed solutions and help you in making choices which will allow you to derive the maximum mileage from the technology solution. Our Microsoft Technology Specialist (WS-MTS) will help you define strategies which are tried and tested as well as most suited to your industry segment.

Our .Net professionals are involved with Enterprise clients in implementing some of their cutting edge solutions and strategies. Ability to understand business needs, knowledge of the tools available and skills to build and implement solutions make us your ideal partner in developing software solutions for all your needs.

J2EE Services

Slake Software Soltuions ’s J2EE practice is comprised of J2EE professionals with many years of experience in developing applications for medium as well as large scale enterprises. Our technology specialists are constantly involved in projects which require development of applications that work and work well under rigid conditions with strict performance requirements.

Slake Software Soltuions IT has experience working with Application servers like JBoss, IBM Websphere and BEA’s Weblogic server on various operating platforms. In addition, our professionals are conscious of the various differences that exist on application servers as well as their implementation on various operating platforms. Ability to tune and maintain applications in production environment is a skill that comes with experience and our experts have demonstrable experience in this area.

Our J2EE practice is comprised of the following types of professionals:

  • J2EE Architects

  • Integrations Specialists

  • J2EE Developers

  • J2EE Testers

J2EE Architects in Slake Software Soltuions are practitioners who have worked on some of the cutting edge applications in the industry. Knowledge of industry best practices and design patterns best suited to solve critical issues are a prerequisite to qualify under this group. This group in Slake Software Soltuions is most active in imparting training to the various engineers in the J2EE track to enable them to gear up to the requirements of developing real time application. In addition, experts in this area proactively track improvement, changes and evolving standards with the industry leaders providing direction in this technology area.

Integration specialist in Slake Software Soltuions are the core group of professionals who work with J2EE technologies primarily, but in addition have experience in working for the clients employing applications in heterogeneous environments. Slake Software Soltuions ’s professionals typically undergo mandatory Sun Certification programs at various levels and ensure they keep abreast of the evolving standards in the industry.

Business Intelligence

Every organizations value from all IT operations is the ability to leverage the enterprise wide data in an effective and efficient manner. Our professionals in Business Intelligence group understand the key differentiator between data warehousing and business intelligence and help enterprises optimize data to produce information that aid decisions making and analysis of operations.

Business intelligence has multiple facets and only when all are understood is value produced in organizations. One is the ability to define, and relate data in various segments and categories or group together in segments and categories. The other more critical factor is the ability to use this information to help make business decisions and recommendations. Knowledge in working with data rules engine, statistical and data mining tools is imperative in this technology segment. Expertise in this area is eventually translated into ability to do enterprise performance management, integration with other ERP solutions and enterprise wise customer data.

Slake Software Soltuions s Business Intelligence group will help you harness your enterprise wide data to see factors that influence your business and provide you with means and technology to get to this information in a faster and efficient manner. Our BI professionals will work with all the various groups and departments in your organization to produce a unified view of corporate data. Our BI expertise can help organizations in increasing the return on investment significantly by ensuring efficiencies in information distribution and measuring business execution improvements that result from better and faster decision making.
Integration Services

Slake Software Soltuions ’s Integration specialists have skills to work with clients in defining their enterprise level application architecture and design solutions that chalk out the roadmap to ensure all services, processes and information is available on time and where required in the organization. Enterprises make huge investment in applications serving various functions of the company. Application development in most enterprises happens over time and spans various departments and function groups. Technical expertise is developed within enterprises in various tools, technologies and platforms. Multiple database and operating system platforms are adopted to best serve each application.

Enterprises today thrive in heterogeneous environments. While today’s enterprises operate with multiple operating platforms, database systems and application development tools and technologies, integrating applications that work on each of this unique combination becomes a challenge. As long as each of the applications developed within an enterprise is isolated, true value can not be produced.

It is here that Slake Software Soltuions has helped various companies in being able to integrate their applications so that cross function groups can derive utmost mileage from enterprise data collected in different departments.

Slake Software Soltuions ’s Integration Specialists can help by working with the various departments and groups in establishing an Enterprise application gateway that facilitates the integration of all the discrete applications, processes and databases. Our professionals have in-depth understanding of key middleware tools and integrations technologies to enable applications and processes to talk to each other and promote availability of information at the enterprise wide level..


What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility or traffic of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. This generally refers to traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo; etc Search Engine Optimization is accomplished by building the weight of your website (and precise pages) for keywords, as a result the site will rank naturally for keywords. . SEO may aim different kinds of search, including keywords search, image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Why do you need Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

Whether the requirement is to enlarge your business or services online globally or locally, Search Engine Optimization Services is required for your website. With the help of Search Engine Optimization you will obtain targeted customers. A SEO company can help you select the exact keywords or search terms to target. Once this is accomplished and a website begins to rank well for those terms, targeted customers or buyers are the end result.

SEO On-Page Optimization Services by Slake Software Soltuions IT

Slake Software Soltuions IT provides identical priority to On-Page Optimization as well as Off-Page Optimization. Our team of SEO Expert is well experienced and talented in On-Page Optimization for any business or industries specific website.

Slake Software Soltuions IT - SEO Campaign Process:

SEO Planning and Strategy - To make your Web Marketing campaign a huge success, we need to develop a deep analysis of your business; i.e. what are your business objectives. This analysis provides critical business intelligence aimed on what’s happening in your industry.

In order to get a clear picture of what specifically is needed for your website to achieve improved natural rankings, a Pre-optimization study is necessary. It is a roadmap for success and the Search Engine Optimization plan of action. The Pre-optimization study, addresses the current factors that determine the Clients’ natural ranking and what needs to be done to improve.

a) Pre-optimization study,
b) Pre-optimization Report,
c) Keyword Research

As in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & SEO Campaigns, it is very essential to define a list of relevant keywords that generate the highest quality traffic when the site is optimized for those specific words. The key for Search Engine Optimization is the keywords used to generate traffic. Factors such as Keyword Density on individual web pages can make major difference wherein the page must include lots of keywords, but not too many that Google’s algorithms will consider it less relevant.

Indexing inclusion - The Sitemaps (XML, Textual, HTML, and Sectional) tells the search engines which pages are most vital for the search engine marketing campaign. We create and adjust the required areas inside the sitemaps to make sure that your site’s most important pages are given the correct priority. We also take active steps in troubleshooting and monitoring your website with Google Webmaster Tools Console. This permits us to accurately identify and track your back-links, link recognition, damaged links and indexing speeds; as reported by Google.

1- Website submission – including search engines and directory inclusion
2- Dynamic XML Site Map Generation and Submission
3- Evaluating robot indexing activity - Evaluate Robots.txt for site
4- Domain strategy – Distribute content including domain variants, sub-domains, geo-location and canonicalization
5- Google sandbox effect, content freshness, content duplication and link velocity check
6- Indexing and normalization of dynamic content including problems with URL rewriting and Session ids

On-page optimization – We will make the effective changes to your site by using the researched keywords into the existing internet pages, or new pages and changing the keyword saturation and density (2-3%) needed to achieve top 10 rankings (in Search Engine), modifying and optimizing the most vital areas in your site's source code, making and implementing technical level adjustments to guarantee your site become search engine friendly.

1- Key-phrase factors include keyword density, relevancy, synonyms and position
2- Page markup key-phrase factors including syntactical accuracy, page code structure, title tags, meta tags, href hyperlink tags and alt tags etc.
3- H1/H2/H3 HTML Tags
4- Resolving canonical home page issues, link issue
5- Integration of Webmaster tools, Google Analytic Code and others.
Link Building (internal and external) - Unfortunately is one of the hardest parts of Web Marketing is building link recognition. Getting massive numbers of relevant "referral links" has become one of the central focuses of today's Web Marketing’s successful strategies. Our ideal mixture of link building options will be selected to craft a customized link planning made for long run ROI and high ranking results.

Some tactical methods includes,

1- Directory Submission
2- Article Submission
3- Social Bookmarking
4- Blog and Forum Review
5- Partner Links
6- Forums
7- Press Release Submission
8- Link Submission
9- Social Networking
10- Localized Search Engine Optimization