Whether your organization is looking to train office personnel or technical staff, our team of experts will help you implement the program best suited to meeting your objectives.

At Slake Software Solutions Corporate Training, our mission is quite simple:

To be a supplier of personalized training solutions that respond to our clients’ overall needs in order to generate a real impact on employee performance and ensure a real return on investment.

Slake Software Solutions TEAM

Our training experts are industry professionals, working with leading edge corporate training methods and practices. The strength of this team is its ability to adapt training to the particular requirements of the markets our clients serve and the specific needs of their personnel.

Since 2004 Slake Software Solutions has trained more than 100+ SAP-consultants in the standard R/3-Modules, as well as in new solutions like BW/BI, FICO, HR, CRM and SAP Netweaver XI/EP. These courses can take several days up to several months depending on the pre-knowledge of the participants to master. In the Slake Software Solutions Training SAP courses, the participants or students are provided with an excellent SAP platform, experienced instructors and 90 days of sandbox access to the SAP platform to practice and implement SAP projects.

Slake Software Solutions Training is one training institute where remote e-learning is a common experience and many students in the past have learnt, mastered, got certified and landed excellent jobs on their way to SAP careers. Our training takes place with well prepared training materials. We provide excellent documentation and preparation materials for students.

The Corporate Bottom Line

The bottom line is cost savings. Corporations save between 50-70% due to elimination of travel expenses according to Training Magazine.

Online training also eliminates lost opportunity expenses. The time spent away from the job traveling or sitting in a classroom cuts down on an employee’s productivity.

E-Learning is here and ready to use today. With online training, you can immediately start to improve your job skills, or the job skills of your team, department, or your entire company. Computer training allows you to start creating a better skilled, better performing workforce today.

Vision and Mission

Our Vission

Our vision is to be the First Choice employer, supplier and customer in the professional Training services industry.

We will be the industry thought leader with a respected international presence and dominant Indian footprint.

We will provide advancement and fulfillment for our employees and enhance the lives of all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional engagement, business, financial, administrative and associated services to Independent Professionals (IPros) and the organisations that engage them.

We will achieve our mission through:

Strong work ethics and always being transparent and honest; Staying ahead of our competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand; Providing an unparalleled level of customer service; Attracting, engaging and retaining smart and passionate employees; and Performing in a timely and professional manner.

Our instructors are dedicated technology experts whose focus is helping you achieve your learning goals. Slake Software Solutions requirements for instructor performance are so stringent that only 2% of professional instructors currently teaching for competitors can even be considered for an interview when they submit their resume to us. And less than half of those pass our screening and are ever offered a position with Slake Software Solutions. Because of this high standard of excellence, and the support we provide in the form of excellent materials, robust hands on exercises, and internal processes that remove risk of failure, we can offer the following ironclad guarantees:

Slake Software Solutions guarantees small class sizes. Slake Software Solutions guarantees quality instructors. Slake Software Solutions guarantees competence. Slake Software Solutions guarantees that training from Slake Software Solutions will be more cost-effective than training from any other source.

Slake Software Solutions guarantees that students in open-enrollment classes are protected against cancellations and will be able to receive desired training at the cost they expect and in the time frame they have planned.

Slake Software Solutions guarantees overall quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied for any reason, simply withdraw before the second day of any class. Notify the instructor and you will receive a 100% refund.